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Working with regional settings during OSD

I know there are different ways to add regional settings to you build during OS deployment, and some of them are quiet confusing… I’m not trying to put any of the methods down, but I would like to suggest an … Continue reading

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Handling HAL switching during XP deployment (no BSOD /0x07 error)

  Because of the issue with different HAL’s (Hardware Abstraction Layer) used by XP, it is necessary to make some changes to both Sysprep, and the Kernel files during deployment.. I thought I’d supply my HAL changing script, as it … Continue reading

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Creating a bootable WinPE / OS installation USB key.

  1. Attach the USB key to a computer running Vista, windows 7 or Server2008. ( if you only have XP, boot the PC from a WinPE CD) 2.Start a command prompt and type DISKPART. 3. Type LIST DISK  to … Continue reading

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