Creating a bootable WinPE / OS installation USB key.


1. Attach the USB key to a computer running Vista, windows 7 or Server2008. ( if you only have XP, boot the PC from a WinPE CD)

2.Start a command prompt and type DISKPART.


3. Type LIST DISK  to locate the Disk number of the USB key. (in this case it a 1GB key, so it must be Disk 2)

4. Now that you knpw the key is DISK 2 run the following commands in diskpart:



  • sel dis 2
  • clean
  • cre par pri
  • sel par 1
  • active
  • format fs=fat32 quick
  • exit
  • 5. now just copy the content of your Vista, Windows7 or Server 2008 Installation CD to the USB key and your set to go. (You must of cause use a larger key for that).

    For WinPE, create a build following this guide!EEFF1607E296E5AB!332.entry and then copy the content of the ISO Folder to the USB key

    Content of WinPE build ISO folder

    Content of USB key


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