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Install XP MUI from SCCM Task Sequence.

  Create a new package called Microsoft XP MUI Note: It is not necessary to create a program for the package unless you intend to advertise the package to clients. The Microsoft XP MUI package should contain the files from the … Continue reading

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Hide product key from TS step

  If you do not want other admin with access to your TS editor to se the product key in the “apply windows settings” step, you can hide it in a variable. In your “Apply Windows Settings” step, replace Product … Continue reading

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Changing boot order in Vista/Windows 7

If you do not want to play around with BCDedit or 3rd party tools like EasyBCD, it is quit easy to change boot order from within Windows 7. I Know that this is kind of low tech, but I notice … Continue reading

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Resizing a Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

Ever run into problems with a VHD that ran out of space?? I did just yesterday, and found a couple of solutions for that problem. Here are two ways of dealing VHD size issues . Methode 1: Using 3rd part … Continue reading

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Enable Integration features for Virtual PC Beta running server 2008

Running on Windows 7 it obvious you would use the new Windows Virtual PC Beta. There is a problem however, when you want to run a Server2008 virtual PC. The server it self runs great, and is much faster than … Continue reading

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