Hide product key from TS step


If you do not want other admin with access to your TS editor to se the product key in the “apply windows settings” step, you can hide it in a variable.

image In your “Apply Windows Settings” step, replace Product key: with a variable. In this case i use %key%
image Right click the collection you have advertised the TS to, and click Modify collection Settings.
image Choose the Collection Variables TAB and click on the starburst image
image type in the name of the variable key and supply the product key twice.

Remember to check the Do not display the value in the ConfigMgr console. And i would suggest using copy paste!

image The key variable now have a hidden value.

Note: the key will still be visible in the sysprep file, if it is opened during deployment, between the TS step, and the completion of the mini setup. 

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One Response to Hide product key from TS step

  1. Unknown says:

    The only drawback to doing this is that I don’t think it will work for stand-alone media.

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